Catcher Technology started out from researching magnesium die casting technology in 1988. In 1994, the company began cooperating with major laptop manufacturers in Taiwan and developing magnesium die casting parts, and in 1998, it earned successive certifications from major manufacturers in the US and Europe. In recent years, with its successful efforts in Aluminum extrusion, forging, CNC secondary processing and anodizing treatment, it has become the leading manufacturer in integral casing for smart phones and high-end laptops....more products
To utilize different materials with superior technology to provide light, slim, robust, and elegant parts suitable for handheld products. In addition, by working together with the world’s top tier customers to research & manufacture first-class products and in turn, demonstrate the ultimate beauty in craftsmanship.
Catcher is working relentlessly to integrate key technology and production processes to provide total solutions to satisfy the ever-changing needs of customers that have arisen from products. In recent years, in addition to the magnesium die casting process, the company introduced the aluminum extrusion, forging, anodizing, PVD and others, which are capable of mass production for 3C products. It is capable of becoming one of the few manufacturers that can provide customers with different metal materials as well as production process. Additionally, through comprehensive production services, the company can effectively save customers’time and cost of production development....more technology
CATCHER , headquartered in Tainan, is one of the few companies which still maintain mass production facilities in Taiwan. In China, we set up several manufacturing facilities in Suzhou, Suqian,& Taizhou (all in Jiangsu China) to fulfill customers’just-in-time needs for light metal casing of smartphones, tablets, laptops, MP3 and DSCs. In 2010, the company also established an operational center in Neihu, Taipei to further our commitment in providing on-the-spot services for brands and OEMs/ODMs.
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