Catcher Technology has a wide-array of testing devices and a large number of professionals for using these devices in conducting different tests. The professional team of the Company has designed different testing programs as per the needs of different projects with effective control of all possible scenarios that may affect qualify.

Catcher Technology possesses the following testing technologies: abrasive test on the coating layer, hardness of structural design, adhesiveness of the coating layer, corrosion resistant test on the electroplating layer, high/low temperature contraction resistant test, temperature resistant of the coating layer test. Catcher Technology has coordinate precision measurement machines, reliability test instruments, environmental reliability test instruments, structural test instruments, and hazardous substances test instruments.
Coordinate Precision Measurement
Contact Measuring Machine
Use contacting method to measure the dimensions of the products
Optical Measuring Machine
Use non-contacttouch optical meansmethod for the measurement of the dimensions of the products and with the use of high-precision optometer, prober, and controller, the precision of the test and the stability of control can be assured.
Image Matching Measuring Machine
The use of camera method to test the dimensions of the products. This method can directly and quickly mark the dimensions under the image and compare with the original schematic files.
Reliability Test
Cross-Hatch Test
Use cross-cutting method to test the adhesiveness of the coating(film) layer
Hardness Measurement Machine
The portable hardness measurement device can be used to test the hardness of metallic or non-metallic layer.
Grinding Tester Machine
Use the RCA abrasive device with specific load (generally at 175 g) for 150 cycles to observe if the coating layer scratched off.
Environmental Reliability Test
Thermal Shock Test Chamber
Conduct the test at two extreme temperatures for certain span of time, and observe if there is any crack or scratch off of the materials or the coating layer.
High temperature and high humidity Chamber
Place the materials in a simulated environment of high temperature and high humidity to observe if there is cracking.
Salt Spray Tester
Dissolved sodium chloride in distilled water or ionized water at relative humidity of >95%, check the corrosion resistance of the electroplated layer.
Cosmetic Test
Gloss Measurement
Measure the gloss of the material surface.
Chromatic Aberration Measurement
Measure the chromatic parameter of the colors (L, a, b), and determine and conduct analysis of chromatic aberration.
Standard light source for color matching
Provide different light sources (uv, D65, sunlight) for matching chromatic aberration
Gloss Measurement
Measure the gloss of the material surface
Surface Roughness Measurement
Express the roughness of material surface with Ra and RPc
Film thinness Measurement device
Use eddy current to measure the thinness of the coating layer.
Structural Test
Hardness Measurement device
measure the hardness of the materials with specific load (unit:Hv).
Detection of Hazardous Substances
Inductive Coupled Plasma Radiation Spectrometer
Activate the elements with plasma to luminous, and use the chemical spectrometric method in the analysis because each element has a specific wave length. As such, this method can be used as a qualitative and quantitative tool in the analysis.
Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometer
Separate and apply steam to the chromatography-mass of the gas mixture, and use the spectrometer to obtain the data on the molecular structure.
UV/visible light spectrometer
Use fluorescent/uv tube as the light source, filtered, and spectrometric analyzed , with particular wave length passing through the object.
X-Ray Fluorescent Spectrometer
The use of X-rays to analyze the test specimen. The electrons in the inside layer of the element absorb the light and return from the activated...
Controlled hazardous substances Test Apparatus Maximum Method Limit (MDL) Peripherals required
Lead ( Pb ) ICPOES 2.0 ppm Pretreatment Digestion Equipment ( microwave digestion, heating pad )
Pure Water Equipment
Standard Testers
Cadmium ( Cd ) ICPOES 2.0 ppm Pretreatment Digestion Equipment ( microwave digestion, heating pad )
Pure Water Equipment
Standard Testers
Mercury (Hg ) ICPOES 2.0 ppm Pretreatment Digestion Equipment ( microwave digestion, heating pad )
Pure Water Equipment
Standard Testers
Cobalt VI ( Cr+6 ) UV-Vis Spectrometer 2.0 ppm Heating Equipment & Reaction Tester
PBB GC-MS 5.0 ppm Pretreatment Device & Standard Testers
PBDE GC-MS 5.0 ppm Pretreatment Device & Standard Testers
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