With the-state-of-the-art technological know-how and superior quality in manufacturing in the industry, Catcher Technology makes the best of its effort in environmental protection.

For years, Catcher Technology has made sizable investments in capacity expansion and also showed its concern over the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and other issues in environmental protection. The products of the Company are light, slim, and effective in cooling. Related materials and products are reusable. They are green products.

Catcher Technology was accredited by the ISO 14001:2004 edition on September 26, 2009. Through effective management, Catcher Technology successfully translated the concept of environmental protection into its core corporate values.
Reduce possible impact on the environment from production, business activities, and service process, and reduce possible hazards to employees, suppliers, contractors, and public dwellings in the immediate neighborhood and stakeholder. For this cause, we commit to comply with the policy stated below for the effective management of health, safety and environmental protection and the overall operation :

Compliance :
Comply with applicable legal rules and other requirements the organizations agreed to observe.
Continued Improvement :
Through the prevention of pollution, energy saving, automatic inspection, and the pursuit of recycling, we are dedicated to create a positive work environment for the sustained improvement of HSE performance.
Prevention of Disasters :
Prevent injuries, unhealthiness, diseases and accidents related to work for the protection of all employees, suppliers, contractors, and visitors at plant facilities in HSE.
Education :
Provide education for all employees on HSE, upgrade their knowledge and the awareness of responsibilities in HSE during routine operation.
Positive Communication :
Establish channels for communication with stakeholders for positive communication, consultation, and conveyance of messages, which shall be undertaken by all employees.
Continue to design energy efficient products, and produce green products.
Reduce the use of substances that pose hazards to the environment.
Plan the reuse of recycled water from the production process, and reduce waste from the production process in order to mitigate the impact of the process on the environment.
Install water saving facilities and use energy efficient products.
In September 2010, Catcher Technology entered into a memorandum of understanding with Taiwan Magnesium Association and Taiwan Power Corporation on the reduced emission of SF6 and announced it will become a member of the association. Under this memorandum, Taiwan Power Corporation will supply SF6 from its power generation facilities to domestic magnesium alloy firms. Taiwan Power Corporation works in a joint venture with Taiwan Magnesium Association and Catcher Technology thereby helps to reduce 45,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions in Taiwan, which is equivalent to the volume of CO2 absorbed by 123 Da An Forest Parks in one year.

The result of this joint venture helps to reduce the emission of carbon compounds from the production process. In the future, the Company will invest in other resouces, including the improvement of the production process for energy efficient purposes, and play its role as a member of the earth in environmental protection.
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